The Gods Envy Us

Happy Wallpaper Wednesday everyone! This week’s Wallpaper was a perfect way to inspire and set the tone for a wonderful day. See my thoughts below the image:


Regardless of what you thought about the movie, Achilles is making a very good point. Gods are immortal. They live forever. Nothing can kill them. But at the same time, they lack the contrast of life and death to help motivate them to really appreciate the world around them.

True, that the beauty of something is not measured by the fact that it ends, but a subtle reminder that not all things are forever (life included) can act as a motivation not to waste the few precious moments that we have on this planet.

Here we are, this moment, right here…and there is so much beauty to appreciate, to love, to embrace in. Close your eyes…what do you hear? Look around…what do you see? What do you touch? What do you feel? Take a few seconds to really appreciate the beauty around you…and this moment. Because this moment is going to end in the blink of an eye, replaced with another. So take advantage and be mindful of the here and now.

It is fleeing. It is already disappearing. But you can appreciate it, and life, before it does.

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With No One Challenging Me, I Choose to Challenge Myself

Happy Monday everyone! This week’s Monday Mantra is “With No One Challenging Me, I Choose to Challenge Myself“.

The inspiration for this mantra came from a brilliantly written comic about school and learning. The mantra reminds us to keep our gaze on ourselves, especially when we don’t feel the outside world challenging us.

It is always better to challenge ourselves and aim to better ourselves in comparison to one person and only one person: ourselves. There are so many people out there we could compare ourselves to, sometimes with positive results, other times with not so positive results. But when we strive to be better than who we were yesterday, or last week, or last year, the path to self-improvement becomes much more clear.

Aim to have a vision of yourself at your best. Then do everything to reach that goal. Do not worry about the others, or their growth, or whether they are ahead or behind you…focus only on that vision and use it to CHOOSE to challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

We can be our own worst enemies…but we can also be our best allies.

Make the choice.


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Chill Out!

Happy Fun Friday everyone! Today’s fun little gem is a subtle reminder that our egos can often get in the way of the things we do. If we are not hungry for attention, then we are worried that we are being scrutinized by the people around us: somehow, we think that the whole world is watching, people at work, at home, at grocery stores; everyone just watching our every move, judging us, evaluating us.

“What’s he eating? Ew why is he doing that?”

“Why is she wearing that?”

“What an ugly shirt.”

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I can’t believe they failed! Haha!”

And so on. But the reality is….that no one is watching. No one is keeping track of our failures…except for us.

When we meet new people, they don’t know us. They don’t know our story. But they know theirs, and they’re probably worried that their lifetime of failures (rather than their successes) is shining through. We are all so lost in our own minds, with the worries of life around us that most people are too busy worrying about themselves to worry about you. In this peculiar way, we are all alone, together. In this way, the only person who knows everything about us, is ourselves.

So the next time you are out in public and you worry that the gaze of the world is upon you, and that the world knows every little failure…remember this:



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Sometimes Waiting Holds the Answer


Image used from


Happy Thursday everyone! Today’s truth is a lesson that happened to me just recently. I had made a rather big decision, only to realize that I didn’t have the means to execute my plan. Of course, this was met with a bit of disappointment. Here I had been, excited about finally making a bold decision, and the means to execute it was beyond my grasp.

I’m someone who always tries to seek out a solution. “I don’t believe in the No Win Scenario” is something Kirk and I definitely have in common. I did some research, looked up some alternative options…but nothing that would work properly.

Realizing the day was done and that there was likely nothing more that I could be doing to find a resolution, I decided to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I’d come up with an epiphany that would solve this dilemma of mine.

The next morning I woke up, but no inspiration hit me. No new solutions. No new alternatives. I was in the same situation as I was the previous night. My decision couldn’t fully be executed. I decided to stop worrying about it (although I was still very disappointed), and focus on something else to make sure the rest of the day wasn’t wasted.

An hour or two later, I received a call. And there it was…a solution. The call had nothing to do with anything I had done. It was random. It was seemingly arbitrary. But it was exactly the solution that I needed.

I’m always going to believe that hard work, determination, persistence, perseverance, resilience…all of these are the keys to getting the things we want most in life. But sometimes, luck is also on our side. Sometimes waiting holds the answer we seek.

There are things that are out of our control. Sometimes, they work negatively against us. Other times, they work highly in our favour. When I realized that opportunity had just fallen into my lap, I couldn’t help but savour it.

These lucky moments in life, where things happen out of the blue, not really because of something we’d done, should be celebrated. Because as much fun creating our own luck can be, sometimes things just happen when we’re patient.

Happy Thursday!

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Wallpaper Wednesday Overload


Happy Wallpaper Wednesday everyone! Above is just a taste of 20 quotes that will inspire and motivate you, found at this incredible side:

Hopefully, these little gems will give you an added boost of energy, joy, motivation, inspiration, and/or thoughtfulness for the day.

I’ve found that the best time to read these is in the morning, with a warm cup of something, in a quiet environment where you can really capture the essence of what is being meant. Have a notepad close by to jot down your thoughts and responses. Reflect a little, learn a lot!

Click HERE to see the other 19 quotes.

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I Will Be the Best That I Can Be


Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Monday Mantra is : “I will be the best that I can be”.

In life, we aremet with many distractions. They can take many forms, whether it is something that makes us procrastinate, something that breaks our spirit, something that makes us fearful of moving forward, something that inhibits our faith in ourselves, and so on.

We all have our goals and hopes and dreams in life. Sometimes, we are moving towards these goals, and we find ourselves with a set back. It’s hard not to get discouraged with this momentary stall in our plans. It’s hard not to worry that things aren’t going to proceed. It’s hard to see the light in the moment.

But what we have to remember, is that no matter the set back, all that we can and should expect of ourselves is simply to be the best that we can be, and do the best that we can. If we can manage this in light of our set-backs, or even our successes, then our goals, and dreams, and hopes are just one step away. That is all we can expect of ourselves.

Be the best that you can be. Do not hesitate. Believe. Ask yourself what your ‘best’ means, and do everything you can to become it, to do it, to live it.

Everything else WILL fall into place…

Happy Monday!


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Choke on Greatness

Happy Friday everyone! Before the week ends, here’s something to make you smile for Fun Friday:


The quote reminds us that we really don’t know what our limits are until we push ourselves beyond them. We can remain within our comfort zones, facing the same challenges every time, or we can push beyond, challenge ourselves to be more, and do more. We often sell ourselves short, and our fear often holds us back: fear of losing something, fear of the unknown, or fear of failure.

Never underestimate your own ability to break boundaries, and challenge yourself. Never underestimate what you can actually do, versus what you think you can do. Humans have an amazing ability to adapt. When it becomes necessary, we are very resourceful.

Because its better to shoot for the stars and miss, than aim low.

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